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August 08, 2013

L'oreal Micellar Solution

L'oreal Micellar solution is the first of its kind that I have tried. Every beauty blogger and youtuber was raving about it and I wanted to try it!
I wanted to start with a more affordable option than Bioderma or LaRochePosay and as there aren't many drugstore brands at the moment that have micellar waters in their product range I was really happy when L'oreal came out with one.
Micellar water is more gentle than a cleanser but it is supposed to work the same without drying out your skin and at the same time getting rid of all your makeup. Micellar water contains microscopic oil molecules but doesn't leave your skin feeling oily. 

My experience with this product is that it does not remove all your makeup, it does leave your skin feeling fresh and clean and doesn't sting your eyes. When I purchased it I was hoping I could just use this product for all my face and this way I wouldn't need eye makeup remover and face makeup remover. When I remove my makeup I want a product that works immediately (a few swipes and I am done). I felt that with this product I had to rub my face for a long time. However, I am not entirely dissappointed with it.

For me, this product comes after I have removed all my makeup and I am just looking to completely get rid of the last traces of makeup, kind of like a toner. I like it because it is alcohol-free and is really gently with my skin. It doesn't smell of anything but it tastes awful! So don't lick your lips after you've removed your lipstick!

This is my personal experience and it doesn't mean that it might not work for you. I have heard other people loving it so you might love it as well.

If you have tried this one and a different one, did you think they work the same? Which one would you recommend?

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