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August 06, 2013

Cleansers & Face Scrubs

I have noticed I have been only reviewing skin care products and not many makeup products. I do have a few makeup items that I really like and would be reviewing them soon. However, I am aware that I love looking after my skin and I am always on the hunt of new products.

Part of my morning shower involves cleansing my face. In this post I am going to show you the different exfoliators and cleansing products I use. I am going to start off with the soft cleansers.

I use any of these three depending on my mood and how I feel my skin feels. 

Purity by Phylosophy (£17.50/240ml)  is a makeup cleanser with a lovely smell, for face and eyes and I use it sometimes when I wear heavy eye makeup. You can use it all over your eyes, it won't sting or burn them! But I love using it in the shower as it really deep cleans my pores. 

I have talked about the Olay refreshing face wash (£1.99/150ml) in a previous post, so there is not much to say.  It is cheap and cleanses your face, not like Purity or Checks and Balances from Origins do though. But I like having a drugstore face wash to use between my expensive cleansers. I am thinking of buying a different one though, just because I am getting bored of this one. It is my second bottle and it lasts ages!!

I got Checks and Balances frothy face wash sample from Origins (£18/150ml) a while ago. I got it after buying some presents there. I used it and then forgot I had it. I really really like this face wash. As with purity it deep cleanses your pores and just need a pea size amount for your face.

The next product would be between soft cleansers and face scrubs since you can choose which type of method to use. It is the Wave from Neutrogena that I reviewed in my previous post.

The face scrubs that I am currently using are the No Clogs Allowed! face mask and The Fab Pore, both from my beloved Soap & Glory. They are both amazing and really do a fantastic job!
No Clogs Allowed! (£11/100ml) is quite a novelty product for me as it has this particular characteristic...It self heates!! It is a white paste with tiny blue particles that when rubbed between your hands you can feel it heating up. The heat only lasts for a few seconds until you rub it on your face to make the blue particles dissolve. I usually leave it on for around 4-5 minutes. The texture is not harsh at all like some face scrubs but it leaves your skin very smooth and clean of blackheads.

The Fab Pore (£8/50ml) refines your pores and makes them less visible. It is also targeted for oily problematic skin, even though I have normal/dry skin it doesn't dry me out. The product looks very similar to No Clogs Allowed! However, this one feels a tiny bit thicker and it smells very good! I am really bad at describing scents but I would say this one has a very fresh and clean minty scent whilst the previous one smells a bit citrusy.
Anyway, as with the previous one, you just rub a grape-size dollop onto your skin and leave it between 5-15 minutes. The key ingredients are:
  • Fomes officinalis extract: a mushroom extract that helps tighten pores.
  • Salicylic acid: which loosens up the dead cells that contribute to pore clogging.
  • Kaolin: or clay, which sops up extra oil on your skin and smoothes your skin surface.
  • Vitamins E and C: antioxidants.

I find the two products are quite similar and even though they both work, I think I will only purchase one when I run out since the results are more or less the same. So there you go, here are the products that I use to cleanse my face in the shower.

Which one is your favourite cleanser? Have you tried any mentioned in this post?

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